Generator Service, Warranty, and Maintenance

Like any large piece of machinery, a generator is an investment that must be properly maintained in order to remain in peak working condition. As a certified Generac partner, Altitude Electric has a team of certified technicians ready to maintain your Generac, Kholer, Briggs and Stratton, or other unit. 

Manufacturers recommend that you have your unit maintained on a yearly basis. When we dispatch a generator technician your home, we will evaluate the overall state of your generator, provide a general cleaning, remove and replace the oil and air filters, and do a full oil change. All of these services are to increase the longevity and functionality of your unit and ensure that it is in peak operating condition when you need it most.

Oil & Air Filter Change
Spark Plug Replacement
Transfer Switch Inspection
Battery Inspection
Troubleshooting & Repair

Generator Repairs

In the case that something has gone awry with your unit and it is no longer functioning properly, our team of generator technicians is able to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve the issue, and get your back up power back to working condition. Call or contact us today to have your backup power serviced!

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