New Construction, Remodels, & Additions

When considering a larger home project, Altitude Electric can provide their expertise to help you create your dream home. Whether a new build, addition, or remodel, our team of residential-focused electricians has exceptional skills and knowledge to help make your space as beautiful as it is functional.

Electrical Design
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Whole-house Surge Suppression
Power Conditioning
Scheduled Maintenance

Strong Relationships. Excellent Service.

We have strong working relationships with a handful of exceptional General Contractors in the area as well as experience working directly with homeowners to outfit tiny homes, cabins, and mansions with stunning lighting, excellent amenities, and functional designs that are catered to fit the needs and desires of each individual client.

What to know when Starting a Large Electrical Project

New Construction Electric Work - photo by immo Renovation

New Construction, Remodels & Additions

Building or remodeling a home is an incredibly personal and complex experience. Altitude Electric has 17+ years of experience helping turn dreams into realities. Altitude has created countless lighting designs and electrical systems and ensured that new residences are functional, safe, and up to code. When creating your new home, it is important to entrust the electrical design and execution to a licensed and experienced professional. Altitude Electric is that trusted partner.

Modern amenities

When adding modern amenities to existing homes, such as new appliances, car chargers, hot tubs, etc., there will likely be necessary adjustments to your electrical service to ensure adequate load capability. In these instances, it is important to consult a licensed and insured professional like Altitude Electric. For more information about panel and electrical service work, see the Service and Panel Changes, Upgrades, & Repairs page.

Home Remodel - by immo Renovation

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