Troubleshooting & Repairs

When the unexpected happens, the honest, dependable, and skilled team at Altitude is here to help. As a homeowner, there are destined to be issues at one time or another. Our capable team is equipped to help with everyday electrical concerns such as…

  • Switch/Outlet Replacement
  • Nuisance Tripping - breaker or GFCI
  • Power Loss
  • Power Surges/ Dips in Power
  • And many more!
Switch & Outlet Replacement
Nuisance Tripping - Breaker or GFCI
Power Loss
Power Surges / Dips in Power
And many more!

Your Local Experts

Altitude Electric dispatches one of our highly skilled electricians to get eyes on the problem, determine the cause, and recommend the best solution. Our team is expert at communicating even the most complex issues in a way that is understandable so that you can make an educated decision regarding how to move forward.

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