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Our incredibly talented team of Colorado-loving electricians specializes in residential wiring. With 17+ years serving the front range, West Denver, and high-country areas of Colorado, we have a particularly keen ability to work with the unique challenges that mountain and older homes often provide.

A home’s breaker box may also be referred to as a panel or electrical service. This is the hub of your home’s power supply and is responsible for the appropriate distribution of power throughout your home. When making changes or updates to your home, it may be necessary to upgrade this electrical service to increase the power capability of your home.

Nuisance Tripping
Overloaded Circuit
Service Changes
Panel Relocation

Breaker Box Maintenance

Like all pieces of machinery, electrical panels and the components within have a useful life. Circuit breakers are a vital component within any electrical panel. The different areas of your home are wired to breakers that are designed to "trip" and cutoff power to that circuit in the instance of a wiring fault, short circuit, circuit overload, or ground fault. By cutting off the power, the circuit breaker prevents the wires within a circuit from heating up to a dangerous level and helps to prevent electrical fires that could threaten your home.

Every time that a breaker trips, the breaker is weakened, allowing it to trip more easily and frequently and eventually causing it to need to be replaced. Nuisance or frequent recurring tripping is a good sign that a breaker needs to be replaced, a circuit may be overloaded, or there is a loose connection within the wiring. Whatever the cause, it is vital that you reach out to a professional to have your service evaluated and ensure the safety of your home.

Safety Concerns & Troubleshooting

FPE Zinsco, or Sylvania panels

Many homes built between 1950 and 1990 have older Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), Zinsco, or Sylvania panels that have been recalled for various serious safety issues.

Federal Pacific Electric panels have FPE’s “Stab-Lok” breakers. These breakers are faulty and have a high risk of failure that may cause electric shock or electrical fires. Zinsco and Sylvania panels have also been recalled for safety issues. Although they may appear in good condition, the breakers within this panel are notorious for welding together, a defect that prevents them from tripping properly and can lead to continued overcurrent that causes fires or risk of electrocution. These panels should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your home.

Troubleshoot Issues

Additionally, team Altitude is able to help with any electrical issues related to your service. Nuisance tripping of breakers, multiple blown fuses, or overloaded circuits are signs that your electrical service should be inspected by a licensed professional as soon as possible. Regardless of the issue, Team Altitude is committed to identifying the problem, proposing and executing the solution, and communicating along the way. We do our best to make sure that you understand the issue at hand, the consequences, and the necessary solution.

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